Wired for sound?… Up Your Output!

Welcome to the first AES event in the UK specially designated for Student Members.

Our hope is that this event will become a recurring practice with one clear mission — to help students on their way to becoming successful working audio professionals.

The Event is strictly for AES Student Members and will be FREE to attend.

EDIT: details for ‘Up your Output!’ 2014 are available here.

Please bear in mind that there are limited places available and registration is required. Tickets are issued on the basis of ‘First come, first served’. To book a ticket, please visit the Event’s Eventbrite Page. You can also join the event on Facebook where further announcements and updates will be posted.

Date, time, location

The 9th of March 2013, Saturday at SAE Institute, London, 297 Kingsland Rd, E8 4DD, SAE House building.

First Lecture starts at 11 a.m. Last lecture finishes at 7 p.m. Post-event social meeting with special guests and free drinks from 7:30 p.m. onwards. Career advice and tech talk with our sponsors – all day long.


  1. Francis Rumsey (Chair, AES Technical Council): ‘Spatial Audio – How it works’.
  2. Peter Eastty (CTO, Oxford Digital): ‘Digital Filters for the Lightly Bewildered’.
  3. Graham Boswell (Founding shareholder and director, Prism Sound): ‘An introduction to high-quality audio technical challenges, measurement and perception’ (with additional material courtesy of Hugh Robjohns, Technical Editor, Sound on Sound magazine).
  4. Stephen O’Callaghan (Audio Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment London Studio): ‘Audio for Games – This is how we do it’.
  5. John Watkinson (Founder and Director, Run Length Limited): ‘Developments in Loudspeaker Technology’.

Each lecture is planned to be one hour long with enough time for Q&A. A PDF version of the Official Programme can be downloaded here.

Special Guests for the post-event social:

Not an AES member?

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Not a student?

Why not join us for our free open to everyone lectures? Those are held monthly by the London Group and on a regular basis by the Cambridge, Scotland, North of England and Oxford Groups. Please check this website for updates or follow us on Facebook.

Reports and audio recordings of the past lectures held at London Group Meetings are available under the Meetings→Meetings Archive section on this website.

Our sponsors

SAE Institute London – Venue Sponsor, Focusrite • Prism SoundSolid State LogicCanford GroupCalrecSound on Sound

Thanks to all our sponsors who have made key staff members available throughout the day in specially designated demo areas to demonstrate their products and discuss the current state of the industry with particular emphasis on job opportunities. Highlights include: measure your own device with a Prism dScope and demonstrations of the latest Calrec Artemis console.





About the AES

The Audio Engineering Society is the foremost international organisation dedicated to the increasingly wide field of audio engineering.

In the sixty years since it was founded, it has provided the industry with a world-wide framework for the advancement of both the science and the art of audio.

Mission Statement

The Audio Engineering Society was formed with the purpose of uniting persons performing professional services in the audio engineering field and its allied arts, of collecting, collating and disseminating scientific knowledge in the field of audio engineering and its allied arts, of advancing such science in both theoretical and practical applications, of preparing, publishing and distributing literature and periodicals relative to the foregoing purposes and policies.