Past Committee Members

We are indebted to our past committee members for providing guidance, leadership and direction for the AES UK Section over the years.

Past Committee Members

Elena Prokofieva

Dr Elena Prokofieva is Acoustic Consultant and Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University. She commenced …Read more

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Matt Dempsey

Matthew Dempsey is a sound designer, mastering engineer and webcaster based in London. He has …Read more

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Bruce Wiggins

Bruce is a senior lecturer at the University of Derby, teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate courses …Read more

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Aglaia Foteinou

Aglaia Foteinou is a Senior Lecturer in Music Technology, Department of Music, and Course Leader …Read more

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Rupert Brun

(Brun Audio Consulting)

Worked at the BBC for 36 years in various audio engineering roles.Read more

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Brecht De Man

(Queen Mary University of London)

Is a researcher, audio engineer and musician.Read more

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Andy Farnell


Is a computer scientist from the UK with specialisations in signal processing, modelling and synthesis.Read more

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Zoran Cvetkovic

(King’s College London)

Professor of Signal Processing at King’s College London.Read more

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David Pope

(MusicScreen) – Committee 2012-2013

David Pope has worked in the Cinema industry for over 20 years.Read more

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Will Evans

(Focusrite) – Committee 2009-2013, Chair in 2012

Studied Acoustical Engineering at the ISVR, University of SouthamptonRead more

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Alan Trevena

(Jaguar Land Rover) – Committee 2014

Alan Trevena is the audio systems specialist at Jaguar Land Rover.Read more

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Kerry-Anne Kubisa

(University of Leeds) – Committee 2014

Graduated from the University of Sheffield in Creative Music Technology in 2001.Read more

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Chris Baume

(BBC) – Committee 2013-2014

Joined BBC R&D following his master’s degree in Electronics with Music Technology at the University of YorkRead more

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Patrick Naylor

(Imperial College) – Committee 2013-2014

Is a member of academic staff in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College LondonRead more

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Rob Toulson

(Anglia Ruskin University) – Committee 2013-2014.

Director of the Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University.Read more

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Ben Supper

(ROLI) – Committee 2010-2014, Chair in 2013.

An AES member since 1998, he joined the UK committee in 2010.Read more

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Tomos Wise

(Solid State Logic) Chair in 2014

Joined the AES while studying Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems at the University of York. Read more

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Prinyar Boon

(Dolby) Chair in 2015

Director Eng and Support, Broadcast Systems and E-Media, Dolby Europe.Read more

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Ioana Barbu

(Bauer Media)

Ioana Barbu is a music producer (including recording / mixing / mastering) sessions for all the Bauer brands in London.Read more

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Nikolay Georgiev

Founder (SAE Institute London)

Nikolay Georgiev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.Read more

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Katie Tavini


Katie Tavini is a Mastering Engineer working out of her London studio.Read more

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Chris Barlow


Dr Barlow studied Music at the University of Sheffield and Music Technology at the University of York.Read more

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Mariana Lopez

Past Chair

Mariana Lopez has a background in music, sound design and acoustics.Read more

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Ben Mosley


Ben Mosley is a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University.Read more

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Charlie Slee


Charlie Slee is an electrical engineer and product designer.Read more

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Phelan Kane

Phelan Kane is a London based music producer, engineer, artist, developer and educator.Read more

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Dr. David Moore

Dr Moore is an Audio Technology Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University.Read more

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Ryan Stables

Ryan Stables is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Signal Processing at Birmingham City University.Read more

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Tim Cockram

Tim Cockram is an electronics engineer, who has over 25 years of experience in the …Read more

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