20th UK Conference 2005

As audio and computer technologies converge, what does the future hold for the audio business? More choice, convenience and realistic home theatre experiences?Read more

The impact of computers and networking on future audio technology

As audio and computer technologies converge, what does the future hold for the audio business? More choice, convenience and realistic home theatre experiences? Or a descent into audio quality hell where price and low bit rate rule? This conference explores audio quality (MP3s through to high-end DVD-A/SACDs), delivery mechanisms (is the physical disk dead?) and convenience (use of audio in the home, the car and on the move).

Companies speaking at the Conference include Microsoft, Sony, Philips, Arcam, BBC, BridgeCo, Symbian, Crestron, Meridian and Pace. The topics will cover compression algorithms, the use of the PC in the home, pro audio use of computers, home networking, background music streaming, music download and Digital Rights Management technology, automotive audio technology, business models and the new role of the mobile phone.

This AES UK Section Conference presents a lively programme of talks from respected engineers, designers and academics, with plenty of opportunity for both formal and informal discussion.

Who should attend:

  • Audio equipment designers & manufacturers e.g. Hi-Fi, home cinema and whole house audio.
  • Anyone delivering audio into the home e.g. record companies, broadcasters.
  • Information Technology and telecom companies – Internet Service Providers, computer manufacturers, mobile phone designers, communications equipment designers.
  • Sound system designers and installers.
  • Journalists – not only for specialist magazines, but for broadsheets too.
  • Recording studio engineers and artists – learn about the best target formats for your mixes.

Audio Technical Education day

For the first time, the AES UK section is holding an event aimed at all who are interested in audio – from home hi-fi enthusiasts to those more interested in sound for home theatre.  This one-day Audio Technical Education event is immediately after the main conference, on Saturday 2 April 2005.

The AES has brought together a number of demonstrations and seminars from respected industry names for this rare opportunity to help you decide which features have the greatest effect on what you hear, now that the traditional stereo hi-fi market covers surround-sound and computer-based devices with compressed audio.

The sessions will cover: comparing live musicians to recorded sound, how to set up your home theatre system, positioning your loudspeakers and sub-woofer, room acoustics for multichannel listening at home, comparing compressed audio algorithms (for example MP3, WMA), and examples of the latest audio networking devices.

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Conference Information:

The main conference will be held on Thursday 31st March and Friday 1st April 2005 at New Hall college, Cambridge, England. The Conference registration fee includes the Conference documentation, lunch, refreshments and dinner on Thursday evening.  The Thursday evening dinner will be in the Dome in New Hall, which is a spectacular piece of modern architecture.

The Audio Technical Education day will be held on Saturday 2nd April at New Hall.

Tickets are available separately for the main two-day conference and for the one-day Audio Technical Education event.  A discounted rate for the Audio Technical Education day is available for people attending the main conference.


Rooms (with en-suite facilities) will be available at New Hall for attendees to stay throughout the conference. Unlike previous UK Section conferences, this is a residential conference, and staying in the college will maximise the benefits from personal networking. In addition, it will allow the attendees to experience the full ambience of a Cambridge University College.

Conference Dinner:

The AES Annual Dinner will be held on Friday 1st April, after the main Conference ends.  This will be at Magdalene College, a short walk from New Hall.  Dinner in the College Hall with its gallery, stained glass windows, portraits and 16th century panelling in dark green and gold, lit only by candlelight, will be an atmospheric experience.  All are welcome to join the Dinner.

Further information:

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Disclaimer: The organisers reserve the right to change the authors and topics without notice.

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