AES British Section Committee

We are the British Section of the Audio Engineering Society, an international organisation dedicated to audio engineering. For more than sixty years, the Society has provided the industry with a framework and forum for the advancement of the science and art of audio.

Prinyar Boon

(Dolby) Chair in 2015

Director Eng and Support, Broadcast Systems and E-Media, Dolby Europe. Prin has been working in the Broadcast TV industry since the mid 80’s and has worked on the design of equipment in many parts of the Broadcast chain, digital cinema standardisation and home theatre systems.

He joined Dolby Laboratories in 2009 working on the deployment of Broadcast and OTT multichannel audio production and transmission systems.

He is now a Systems Architect in the Dolby Broadcast Group concentrating on the development and standardisation of Immersive and Object Audio for next generation Broadcast Television.

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