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We are the British Section of the Audio Engineering Society, an international organisation dedicated to audio engineering. For more than sixty years, the Society has provided the industry with a framework and forum for the advancement of the science and art of audio.

Danny Feng

Recording Engineer - (SAE) Start of 2014 to summer 2015

Danny Feng began recording at the age of 15 while working on his own music in his bedroom studio. Most of his compositions are influenced by the progressive rock and experimental scene. Very soon after his first recording experiences, Danny realised that he wanted to pursue a career as a professional engineer. In 2010 he went to study Music Production at the University of Northampton. In 2012 he moved to London and in 2014 obtained a Degree in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute London. Since then he has recorded and worked with different musicians across genres from classical music, folk and indie, to heavy metal. In his studies, he has also taken an interest in sound for film. Danny is currently working as sound engineer for the Mahogany Media Group.

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