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We are the British Section of the Audio Engineering Society, an international organisation dedicated to audio engineering. For more than sixty years, the Society has provided the industry with a framework and forum for the advancement of the science and art of audio.

Benedict Sanderson

Recording Engineer - (SAE) April 2016

Benedict began playing piano at a young age, and soon afterwards moved on to playing trumpet and guitar. Inspired by many types of music, he started writing and performing his own material from the age of 15 and creating his own rough recordings.

After a short time studying Forensics and teaching English abroad, he decided to settle in London again and pursue an education and a career in audio engineering and production, where he started studying Audio Production at SAE London.

Since starting the course, many aspects of audio production have taken his interest, including procedural audio, live sound, and composition.

He has recently started mixing for live shows and recording audio for on-location music video shoots, whilst aiming to find a balance between producing, composing, and performing.

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