UK Conference

The AES UK Conference is organised by the AES UK Section Committee, and is held annually to address a “hot topic” in audio technology.



26th UK AES Conference on Audio Education

Glasgow University, Scotland
Wednesday 26th August – Friday 28th August 2015


Past UK Conferences

Information about past UK conferences can be found below. These link to archived web pages that are not part of the main website, so will open in a new window.

25th UK Conference 2012:
Spatial Audio in Today’s 3D World

24th UK Conference 2011:
The Ins and Outs of Audio

23rd UK Conference 2008:
Music Everywhere – audio technology enhancing choice, access and quality

22nd UK Conference 2007:
Illusions in Sound – the application of psychoacoustics to audio

21st UK Conference 2006:
Audio at home – advances in consumer audio technology for the home

20th UK Conference 2005:
Convergence – the impact of computers and networking on future audio technology

19th UK Conference 2003:
Live Sound – Technologies to Satisfy New Audience Expectations

18th UK Conference 2002:
Audio Delivery – The changing home experience

17th UK Conference 2001:
Silicon for Audio

16th UK Conference 2000:
Moving Audio – Pro-Audio Networking and Transfer

15th UK Conference 1999:
Audio – The Second Century