Industrial Electroacoustic Transducer Design

Date: 12 May 2015
Time: 18:30


Lecture by Kelvin Griffiths (Director, Electroacoustic Design)

Venue TBA.

Electroacoustic transducers are found in applications as varied as mobile phones, laptops, cars, fire alarm systems, and headphones with each presenting individual design targets and challenges.  In some situations, heightened levels of performance are expected of loudspeakers that may have hitherto served an application adequately, a response to new markets and extended functionalities of the host device.  This includes a growing class of problem of integrating loudspeaker hardware into environments not primarily designed for high quality sound reproduction and the balance of performance and cost being an ever-present factor.

Traditional electroacoustic design approaches using lumped elements are only partly useful in predicting acoustic performance and a more accurate and effective process is required to provide a fuller insight into system concepts earlier in the design process.  The lecture will illustrate electroacoustic transducers in diverse scenarios and discuss modern design methodologies that provide valuable information on both the transducer behaviour and the acoustic problems posed through system integration.