Forthcoming Meetings

Scotland Christmas Lecture

Date: 14 Dec 2016
Time: 11:00

Location: City of Glasgow College
190 Cathedral Street


Title: The Magic of TV Sound
Time: Wed 14th December 10:30am (11am start)
Registration: Eventbrite page

This year’s AES Scotland Christmas lecture will be hosted by City of Glasgow College in their new state of the art City Campus and will involve students gaining hands on experience in the production. The event focuses on the ‘The Magic of TV sound’.

Consumers often take TV sound for granted and only really notice it if there is a problem. As TV sound engineers, our job is to make sure the sound is as perfect as possible. In this lecture we will guide you through some of the professional techniques used by specialist sound engineers to ensure viewers receive a high quality immersive experience of moving images. So next time you watch your favourite TV programme you will better understand the techniques used and creative challenges involved in sound engineering.

And don’t worry if you cannot make it along to Glasgow. Thanks to the support of BBC Scotland there will be a live stream (link to be provided shortly).


London Christmas Event

Date: 14 Dec 2016
Time: 18:30

Location: Dolby Europe’s London Office
4–6 Soho Square
London W1D 3PZ

NOTE: The AES Christmas lectures are always very popular, so if you register to take part but can not make the evening please de-register yourself from the event to allow someone else to go (you can do this on the same page you registered).

This is a members only event and your membership will be checked prior to the event!

To register, please visit the EventBrite registration page here.



Due to the success of last year’s Christmas Lecture on compressor design and application we are pleased to announce our next in the design series, this year we will be presenting an evening of lectures on recording console design, application and the future of the format.

The AES have brought together some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you and evening of technical and philosophical discussion on console design along side lectures and debate from engineers.

The year’s key note speakers will be:

Malcolm Toft – Founder Trident Audio Developments, Toft Audio Developments and Ocean Audio.
History and Philosophy of Trident console design.

Mick Glossop – Award winning Music Producer. Van Morrison, The Waterboys, Public Image LTD
Mick Glossop will talk about what he would like today’s console designers to focus on when coming up with new ideas for console design.

Graham Boswell – Founder Prism Sound
Designing a world’s first – The DSP console.

Nik Georgiev – Company representative and plug-in developer, Acustica Audio; Lecturer in Music Production, SAE Institute London; Freelance Engineer, Georgiev Sound
Time domain behaviour of software vs hardware consoles – or how can we improve the sound quality of digital emulations? Console usability and possible future innovations.

Tomos Wise – Product Specification Manager, Solid State Logic
Console Design: Analogue to Digital in 101 Steps
While the purpose of the humble mixing console has remained unchanged, its evolution over the past 40+ years has altered the way we interact with it and ultimately mix our music. This talk provides a brief overview of some of the technological advances in console design over recent years, using as an example some of the features incorporated into SSL’s Live production consoles.

The lecture evening will be followed by a Q&A panel.

Dolby Europe LTD have generously offered food and drinks on the evening. Few example trailers of the Dolby Atmos audio system and the theatre’s new cutting-edge laser projector will be demonstrated.