Forthcoming Meetings

Loudspeakers, Architects & Rooms – Forget the Theory, This is The Real World.

Date: 15 Feb 2017
Time: 18:00

Location: Southampton Solent Unversity
Southampton Solent Unversity, East Park Terrace

AES South of England are pleased to announce our next meeting, presented by Dr Peter Mapp, of Peter Mapp Associates, to be held at Southampton Solent University on Weds 15th February 2017.

Sound Systems affect most of our lives every day from the legendary unintelligibility of the railway station PA system to the precision of the performance auditorium and cinema. Peter Mapp has designed and commissioned over 750 sound systems around the world, ranging from venues catering for over 1 million people to the local church up the road or a 2,000 seat concert hall or a 75,000 seat stadium. The talk will discuss how loudspeakers and rooms interact and affect the sound we hear and what measures can be taken to ensure that resulting sonic performance is satisfactory.  Peter will take us on a tour of sound systems from those operating in living rooms to passenger aircraft and then descend via a visit to Hogwarts, into a maze of underground tunnels and other acoustic spaces to illustrate that at the end of the day, it is the architecture and acoustics of a space that ultimately limit the potential performance of a sound system.

Dr Peter Mapp is principle of Peter Mapp Associates and is internationally recognised as a leading expert in the fields of sound system design and speech intelligibility. He has research interests in Speech Intelligibility, Assistive Listening Systems for the hard of hearing, Computer Modelling and Ultrasonic Emissions. He was awarded the AES Bronze medal for his research and work on both AES and International standards. However, most his time is spent trying to convince architects and clients that the laws of physics cannot be repealed.

The event is 6pm for tea/coffee for a 6:30pm start, and anticipated to finish around 7:30pm.    It is open to both AES members and non-members.

This lecture is held by AES South of England group, and is in the Pod, Spark Building, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton.

We are walking distance from Southampton Central rail station, and parking should be available on site for the meeting.

For further information, please contact Chris Barlow (Chair of AES South of England)

The Virtual Singing Studio: A tool for exploring musical performance and interaction through real-time room acoustic simulations

Date: 9 Mar 2017
Time: 18:15

Location: Southampton Solent Unversity
Southampton Solent Unversity, East Park Terrace

Jude Brereton, Audio Lab, Department of Electronics, University of York

AES South of England are pleased to announce our March meeting, held jointly with the Institute of Acoustics Southern Branch in TS414, Spark Building, Southampton Solent University on Thursday 9th March 2017.

The physical characteristics of a music performance venue influence the experience of music for the listener and performing musician alike. Indeed, the acoustic characteristics of the venue will influence not only the perception of music for the listener, but also many of the attributes of the performance itself, since a musician will alter their performance in response to the acoustic feedback they receive from the concert hall.  To facilitate the investigation of the influence of acoustic environments on singing performance, a Virtual Singing Studio (VSS) has been developed which offers an interactive room acoustic simulation in real-time, using established auralisation techniques, which allow a singer to perform in an ordinary room and hear him/herself as if singing in a real performance venue.

This talk will introduce the design and implementation of the VSS and report on results which demonstrated that professional singers rated the room acoustic simulation as highly plausible, and judged it to be authentic in comparison to singing at the real performance venue. It will also outline comparisons of singing performance analysis comparing tempo, vibrato and intonation characteristics of singing in the real and virtual performance spaces.   After the talk, audience members will also be able to try out the Virtual Singing Studio for themselves!

Dr Jude Brereton is a Lecturer (T&S) in Audio and Music Technology, Deparment of Electronics, University of York, and has worked in the department since 2003, when she took her first role as a Research Associate.  She is currently Programme Leader for the MSc in Audio and Music Technology and teaches in the areas of virtual acoustics and auralization, music performance analysis and voice analysis and synthesis on postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.

Her research centres on the use of virtual reality technology to provide interactive acoustic environments for music performance and analysis, in particular investigating the effect of different room acoustic conditions on how singers perform, using an interactive real-time room acoustics simulation specially developed for singing performance (The Virtual Singing Studio).

The meeting will start from 6:15pm for tea/coffee with a 6:45pm lecture start, and will finish around 8:30pm (including the practical demos).

Both AES/IoA members and non-members are welcome to attend.

We are walking distance from Southampton Central rail station, and parking should be available on site.

For any queries or further information, please contact Chris Barlow:

UP Your Output! 2017

Date: 18 Mar 2017
Time: 09:00

Location: Southampton Solent Unversity
Southampton Solent Unversity, East Park Terrace


Once again, the AES UK section is hosting the student conference UP Your Output!  This annual event, which has run since 2011, offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to learn, network, and develop both friendships and career opportunities.   The event runs Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th March, 2017 at Southampton Solent University, UK.

The conference is exclusively available to student members of the Audio Engineering Society, currently registered on a programme of study, or recent graduates who have graduated in the past 2 years.   It is particularly aimed at undergraduate students, though postgraduate students are very welcome to attend.

Places are limited and so Registration is required.    Registration for the event will open on Friday 20th January 2013 via the Up your Output! Eventbrite page (link to follow).

Registration is free for eligible students, and Tickets are issued on the basis of ‘First come, first served’.     You will need your AES membership number to register.

If you are not already a student member of AES, the student membership rate of $50 USD gets you access not only to this conference, but to a host of other career opportunities, member benefits – even free plugins!

You can register as a member of the AES at:

FE students

In order to promote careers in Audio Engineering, there are a limited number of free places available to students on Further Education courses (e.g. BTEC, A level or IBac).  FE students do not need to be a member of AES to attend the event.