Surround Sound Microphones

Surround Sound Microphones

Date: 8 Jan 2013
Time: 19:00

Location: Royal College of Pathologists
2 Carlton House Terrace
London SW1Y 5DG

See below for location map.

A recording of this lecture is available here (mp3)


An extended version of the illustrated lecture given by Mike Skeet at the 25th AES UK Conference in York last March.

Mike Skeet with mic

Mike will begin by showing and discussing a number of the stereo microphone rigs he has used for location recording. These are usually for the many aspects of classical and brass band recordings, but on occasions other sound sources such as steam trains, thunder, aircraft and even bird song have been ventured into.

Whilst Mike’s various stereo activities continue, he has now moved on to the use of numerous mic rig approaches to 5.0 ‘horizontal’ surround, and also to very effectively reproducing the ‘missing height’ aspect by the use of three or four additional ceiling-placed loudspeakers.

There will be the opportunity to see the various rigs Mike uses in this practical approach to capturing and reproducing more of the real acoustic world than is normally achieved.


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