High Resolution: Capturing the Moment

High Resolution: Capturing the Moment

Date: 10 Jun 2014
Time: 18:30

Location: De Vere Holborn Bars
138-142 Holborn
London, EC1N 2NQ

See below for location map.

Lecture by Bob Stuart (Meridian Audio) and Peter Craven (Algol Applications).

We see increasing interest in High Resolution analogue and digital audio and in recordings employing higher sample rates or bit depths than CD. Yet this trend seems unstructured, and progress to be stalled in coding concepts established in the late 1990s.

In this lecture we hope to show how recent findings in neuroscience, perception and signal processing seem, at least to us, to point in a new direction — one which promises higher quality than ever — a different framework and direction for audio in the 21st century.

Bob and Peter have cooperated together on analogue and digital audio over four decades; their work together has including fundamental topics in dither, noise-shaping, coding, lossless compression, archive and playback. This lecture is a rare chance to glimpse them in action and to see some recent and provocative thinking.

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