Audio work at the MRC Institute of Hearing Research

Audio work at the MRC Institute of Hearing Research

Date: 28 Nov 2012
Time: 18:30

Location: Glasgow Caledonian University (CPD Building)
70 Cowcaddens Road
Glasgow G4 0BA

See below for location map.

Lecture by Michael Akeroyd, Alan Boyd, Owen Brimijoin, Bill Whitmer, MRC Institute of Hearing Research, Glasgow Royal Infirmary


The MRC Institute of Hearing Research conducts multi-disciplinary research on hearing and hearing disorders, from basic research of scientific discovery to translation into clinical practice. The Scottish Section of IHR, based in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, concentrates on hearing impairment, its consequences, and the benefits offered by hearing aids, with the aim of understanding the problems encountered by hearing-impaired people and what hearing-aids can do.

This talk will give an overview of the Scottish Section of IHR and its work. Three of the IHR scientists will then give short talks on some of its current projects, including motion tracking and hearing aids.

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