An Introduction to Audio for Automotive

An Introduction to Audio for Automotive

Date: 11 Jun 2013
Time: 18:30

Location: The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
71 Great Peter Street
London, SW1P 2BN

See below for location map.

Lecture by Alan Trevena, Jaguar Land Rover.

A recording of this lecture is available here (mp3).







Automotive audio systems are among the most sophisticated audio systems on the market today, and are often the best systems to which the average consumer has regular exposure.

From the first audio system installed in the 1930’s by the precursor to Motorola to modern in-car entertainment systems with multiple loudspeakers, sophisticated digital signal processing, and high-power amplifiers, automotive audio is constantly evolving.

The presentation will cover a brief history of in-car audio, from the first mono systems to the latest audio systems with 29 loudspeakers and 3D surround. Automotive audio systems offer significant challenges when it comes to reproducing high quality audio. Unique requirements of the loudspeakers will be discussed as well as the durability and reliability requirements that are key parts of any automotive audio system.


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