Acoustics in Creative Spaces

Acoustics in Creative Spaces

Date: 24 Apr 2017
Time: 18:00

Location: UHI Perth
Crieff Road

See below for location map.

The Audio Engineering Society Scottish Group and JAMES are pleased to present an evening on ‘Acoustics in Creative Spaces’ held in the Goodlyburn Building at UHI Perth.  It will feature the following 4 talks:

The Story of Abbey Road Studio 1 (Melvyn Toms, long-time Abbey Road Tech)

86 years of evolution from early recordings employing questionable acoustics to a five month construction project delivering a state of the art film scoring facility employing Dolby Atmos.

A Study of Archaeoacoustics (Nick Green, Sector Manager: Audio Engineering and Theatre Arts University of the Highlands and Islands)

Particularly IR recording and archiving in heritage and archaeological sites including Rosslyn Chapel and Wemyss Caves a significant Pictish site.

Building a new recording or Performance Space? (Acoustic Designers, ‘Studio People’)

Whether you are planning a project studio in your spare room or building a multi-media suite in a university, it is vital to employ your resources where they will have greatest impact. Listen to how the experts tackle new ventures and ask them about your plans.

Convolution reverb (Dennis Weinreich, engineer, producer, studio owner…)

What is it, how and when not to use it.

Registration for this event is open to all (AES Members and Non Members).

Flyer available here.

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