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Audio Technical Education Day

Saturday 8th April 2006

New Hall, Cambridge

Interested in audio?

The Audio Technical Education Day brings together demonstrations and seminars by respected industry names. This unique event is open to everyone interested in audio – from home hi-fi and home-theatre enthusiasts to audio professionals. The sessions include:

Vinyl Records – a long-forgotten relic?

More record-cutting lathes are in use today than when CDs were launched – surprising or incredible? Sean Davies, disc-cutting expert, will explain the strengths and weaknesses of vinyl disc recording… and then make a ‘direct-to-disc’ recording of live musicians to show how good the medium can be and why it is still popular.

Radio Drama – the ultimate ‘spoken-word’ recording

With cues from acoustics and sound effects, a story can be brought to life vividly for listeners. Richard Beadsmoore, sound engineer for many BBC radio drama productions, will describe how the illusions are created, with examples of sound effects that are not always what they appear to be! And you can help take part in our mini-drama recording.

Dolby – is surround the new stereo?

Noise reduction, surround sound for movies, music on the move: Dolby’s impact on the sound we experience has continued for many years. Tony Spath will give examples of previous improvements through to the quality we take for granted today and on to where future developments could take us.

Trifield – more lifelike and involving than stereo?

Bob Stuart and his team will demonstrate 'Trifield', a technique to produce a stable front image by playing stereo sources on three front speakers. Listen to the comparison and see if you agree.

TV Screen Setup and Speaker Positioning – getting it right

Broadcasters spend thousands of pounds on very accurate TV screens and align them carefully. Plasma and LCD screens in the home cost a similar sum, but few are setup perfectly. Learn some simple techniques to use on your own TV and see how to use a ‘DIY’ tool to position surround loudspeakers.

Digital Cinema

Returning for a second year, Bell Theatre Services will show you the true ‘digital cinema’ experience in a theatre – with PMC studio monitor speakers, but without the annoying person eating popcorn! – with picture quality many enthusiasts would like to see in the home.


Sessions will be 50 minutes long with an opportunity to ask questions. They will be presented in an informative and enjoyable style, without mathematical equations.

To make sure you get the most from each session, the number of people in each group will be appropriate for each demonstration, with some sessions having fewer than 20 people. So that all attendees can visit every demonstration, the sessions will be run a number of times with groups allocated to particular sessions.

Throughout the day, you will have time to chat to other people interested in the future of audio and to see informal hands-on demonstrations of new audio technology, with a concept car from Harman, hi-fi from companies including Denon, plus a networked home entertainment model from BridgeCo.

What is the Audio Engineering Society?

The AES is an international body representing the audio industry and promoting good audio engineering practice. Membership includes recording engineers, manufacturers of studio and home audio equipment, students and others involved in audio. Lectures and technical visits are held every month, open to members and non-members.

The UK section organises an annual conference – this Audio Technical Education day follows on from this year’s conference.

How to book

This one-day audio education event will be held on Saturday, 8th April 2006 at New Hall college in Cambridge, UK starting at 09.45.

The cost for the day is £35.00 (inc. VAT) and includes lunch and refreshments. A discounted rate of £25.00 (inc. VAT) is available for people also attending the main conference.

Bookings must be made in advance because places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Further details will be sent with your booking confirmation.

A registration form is available here for booking by post or fax. Bookings may also be made by phone. The closing date for bookings is 26th March.

Overnight accommodation is available at New Hall college if required - see the registration form for details.

Click here for a PDF of the Audio Technical Education day information.

Disclaimer: The organisers reserve the right to change the authors and topics
without notice.

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