AES British Section Committee

Nikolay GeorgievPast Chair – Nikolay Georgiev (SAE Institute London)

Nikolay Georgiev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. At 15 he made his first four-track recording and since then has been recording and mixing projects from classical, rock, electronic and experimental avant-garde music. Nikolay’s educational profile includes an undergraduate course in general engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, first class honours degree in Philosophy at the University of Sofia (with additonal specialisation at Universität des Saarlandes, Germany) and a 2-year course in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute London. He now works as a Music Producer, Recording Engineer and an internal and 3rd party Plug-in Developer for Acustica Audio‘s Acqua platform and represents the company in the UK. Nikolay also holds a position as an Audio and Music Production Lecturer at SAE Institute London. As student liaison and events coordinator, Nik chaired the first two editions of the annual Up Your Output! event — the UK’s first in many years designated specifically for Student Members.

Prinyar BoonChair – Prinyar Boon (Dolby)

Director Eng and Support, Broadcast Systems and E-Media, Dolby Europe. Prin has been working in the Broadcast TV industry since the mid 80’s and has worked on the design of equipment in many parts of the Broadcast chain, digital cinema standardisation and home theatre systems. He joined Dolby Laboratories in 2009 working on the deployment of Broadcast and OTT multichannel audio production and transmission systems. He is now a Systems Architect in the Dolby Broadcast Group concentrating on the development and standardisation of Immersive and Object Audio for next generation Broadcast Television

Rupert Brun

Rupert Brun (Brun Audio Consulting)

Rupert worked at the BBC for 36 years in various audio engineering roles, he is now an independent consultant. He has a strong track record in audio innovation. Rupert created include “HD Sound” (BBC Radio 3 with a wide dynamic range delivered over the internet), NetMix (an experiment which allowed those with a hearing impairment to hear the commentary of an event clearly without spoiling the audio balance for other listeners) and reinvigorated surround sound for radio. Rupert is now working with a number of companies to develop audio products and services for the broadcast industry.

Chris BarlowChris Barlow (Southampton Solent University)

Dr Barlow studied Music at the University of Sheffield and Music Technology at the University of York.  He has taught in both the Secondary and Higher education sectors as a specialist in Audio Engineering and Acoustics. Chris now leads the Acoustics group at Solent, and is course leader for the MSc Applied Acoustics.

Dr Barlow’s areas of interest include: Noise and hearing loss, particularly in the music industry; Acoustics of the voice and hearing system; Sound for Computer and Video Games; Studio and concert hall acoustics and design; Spatial Audio; Learning technology applied to music and engineering education; Music recording and production.

Particular research projects at the moment include improving the accuracy of audiometric screening systems, developing technologies to monitor real levels of noise exposure from personal music players, working on a new ‘musician’s’ earplug and developing systems for allowing accurate hearing screening in relatively noisy environments.

Zoran CvetkovicZoran Cvetkovic (King’s College London)

Zoran Cvetkovic is Professor of Signal Processing at King’s College London. He received his Dipl. Ing. and Mag. degrees from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the M.Phil. from Columbia University, and the Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He held research positions at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (1996), and at Harvard University (2002-04). Between 1997 and 2002 he was a member of the technical staff of AT&T Shannon Laboratory. His research interests  are in the broad area of signal processing, ranging from theoretical aspects of signal analysis to applications in audio and speech technology and neuroscience. From 2005 to 2008 he served as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactionson Signal Processing.

Vice Chair – Charlie Slee (Big Bear Audio)

Charlie Slee is an electrical engineer and product designer. He runs Big Bear Audio Ltd designing and manufacturing high end consumer and professional audio products.

Charlie holds a Masters degree in Sound and Music Computing at Queen Mary, London,  and previously was an electrical engineer at Thermionic Culture. Charlie’s personal and professional focus is to support all aspects of the industry including working with artists and producers to innovate new products, acting Events Manager for the Music Producers Guild, and has lectured at the AES and to undergraduates on valve circuit design and modern integration of digital technology in analogue products.

Andy FarnellAndy Farnell (Mogees)

Andy Farnell is a computer scientist from the UK with specialisations in signal processing, modelling and synthesis. Pioneer of procedural audio and the author of MIT textbook “Designing Sound”, Andy is visiting professor at several European institutions and consultant to interactive media companies. He is a senior lecturer in Audio Engineering at SAE London and also currently works as Head of R&D at Mogees Ltd. Andy is also an enthusiastic advocate and hacker of Free open source software, who believes in educational opportunities and access to enabling tools and knowledge for all.

Brecht De ManBrecht De Man (Queen Mary University of London)

Brecht De Man is a researcher, audio engineer and musician. Combining his experience as a recording engineer and live sound engineer, musicianship and engineering education, he started a PhD in Audio Engineering at the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, UK. Prior to this, he obtained an MSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Ghent, Belgium, with one year worth of MSc level courses at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerland.
Brecht has published and presented research on intelligent audio production tools and the psychoacoustics of mixing engineering. He is an active musician and music teacher, and works as a freelance sound engineer in and around London. An active member of the AES, he is also Chair of the AES Student Delegate Assembly, Chair of the London UK Student Section, and involved in the organisation of various past and future AES events such as the Up Your Output! student events.

Secretariat – Heather Lane, AES UK Ltd.

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