AES British Section Committee

Tomos WiseChair – Tomos Wise (Solid State Logic)

Tom joined the AES while studying Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems at the University of York. He has a diverse background in music, having worked in Research & Development for a number of prestigious companies including Meridian Audio, Oxford Digital and Solid State Logic, all of which are AES Sustaining Members. An accomplished live sound engineer, he has also played and recorded with several bands. Tom is now Product Specialist for SSL’s Live console. He has been on the AES committee since 2011.

Nikolay GeorgievVice Chair – Nikolay Georgiev (SAE Institute London)

Nikolay Georgiev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. At 15 he made his first four-track recording and since then has been recording and mixing projects from classical, rock, electronic and experimental avant-garde music. Nikolay’s educational profile includes an undergraduate course in general engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, first class honours degree in Philosophy at the University of Sofia (with additonal specialisation at Universität des Saarlandes, Germany) and a 2-year course in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute London. He now works as a Music Producer, Recording Engineer and an internal and 3rd party Plug-in Developer for Acusitca Audio‘s Acqua platform and represents the company in the UK. Nikolay also holds a position as an Audio and Music Production Lecturer at SAE Institute London. As student liaison and events coordinator, Nik chaired the first two editions of the annual Up Your Output! event — the UK’s first in many years designated specifically for Student Members.

Ben SupperPast Chair – Ben Supper (ROLI)

Since graduating from Surrey’s Tonmeister course in 2000, Ben Supper has worked as a design engineer at Cadac Electronics, as hardware team leader for Focusrite/Novation, and currently at ROLI as the head of physical technology. Along the way, he’s written DSP algorithms, designed mass-market audio hardware, completed a PhD, lectured on a number of subjects, and co-written patents and technical papers. An AES member since 1998, he joined the UK committee in 2010.

Rob ToulsonRegions co-ordinator – Rob Toulson (Anglia Ruskin University)

Rob Toulson is Director of the Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. He is an active researcher in sound, audio and music production fields, holding a first degree in Engineering, a PhD in Digital Signal Processing, and a number of years’ experience working in the electronics industry as well as teaching electronics and music technology in Higher Education. Rob is founder of the Cambridge regional branch of the Audio Engineering Society and he is a director of both Half-ton Studios in Cambridge and High Barn Studios in Essex. Rob is also a successful music producer and recording, mixing and mastering engineer, with a number of commercial credits to his name.

Patrick NaylorPatrick Naylor (Imperial College)

Patrick Naylor is a member of academic staff in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London, where he is involved in teaching and research for digital signal processing applied to audio, speech and acoustics. Important topics in his work are microphone array signal processing, blind multichannel acoustic system identification and equalization, and single and multi-channel speech enhancement. He is also a director of the UK Centre for Law Enforcement Audio Research, and a member of the IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Committee on Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing.

Chris BaumeChris Baume (BBC)

Chris Baume joined BBC R&D following his master’s degree in Electronics with Music Technology at the University of York. He has worked on a variety of projects covering many different topics, including spatial audio, video quality analysis, audio codec evaluation and systems architecture design. In 2010, he joined the BBC’s audio research group where he has investigated artificial bandwidth extension of speech, and collaborated with Queen Mary University of London on creating a system for analysing music to extract information about its mood. He is currently developing the next generation of broadcast audio production tools.

Kerry-Anne KubisaKerry-Anne Kubisa (University of Leeds)

Graduating from the University of Sheffield in Creative Music Technology in 2001, Kerry-Anne is currently the audio engineer and studio manager at the School of Music, University of Leeds. Specialising in acoustic and location recording, she turns her expertise to Classical and World music of all scales: chamber music, operas, orchestras, and choirs. As the technical coordinator for The Universities Concert series, she has engineered for artists including John Williams, Corinne Bailey Rae, Kirsty Almeida and the Troubadours, Zoe Rahman, Bill Nelson and Rei Nakamura. She has also recorded for The Leeds International Piano Competition, the BBC, and Dame Evelyn Glennie. An active member of the AES Education Committee, Kerry-Anne founded the AES North of England region in 2010, and continues to run, coordinate, and promote its many lectures and events.

Kerry-Anne KubisaAlan Trevena (Jaguar Land Rover)

Alan Trevena is the audio systems specialist at Jaguar Land Rover, advising on acoustics, installation, design, and technology for in-car audio systems. Alan previously served as a senior engineer at Alpine Electronics and at DLC Design, and has more than ten years’ experience in automotive audio. He has been an active AES participant ever since graduating from the University of Salford’s Electroacoustics course in 2003, and currently chairs the AES Loudspeaker and Headphone technical committee.

Prinyar Boon (Dolby)
Secretariat – Heather Lane, AES UK Ltd.

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